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Dick Blick Railroad Run

Just a few comments regarding your
Dick Blick Railroad Run this past weekend.

I am a veteran of almost 600 road races competing over my 70+ years and have race directed I don't know how many but its a lot. I don't know if that gives me creditability or not but I hope so.

You and the Galesburg Road Runners are to be congratulated on a very well organized race that was held under very difficult conditions this past weekend. I felt your course control was excellent, I do not believe I have ever seen 3 water stops in a 5K race but they were so welcome by everyone not to mention so very necessary in that kind of heat and humidity. The safety of the competitors is a major concern to every running club but I thought you had covered every base including medical personnel being present.

My wife and I thought the hot dogs and your selection of food was excellent for a summer evening race. In short, you did everything right and you and all your volunteers are to be congratulated for a job well done.

Dick & Mary Fislar
Rock River Striders

2012 RR Days Race

I have a question, I was just wondering approximately what color theme the race will be this Saturday? Last year, for instance, the tech shirts were a rust color. I'm wanting to coordinate my colors w/the colors of the shirts, if possible. I know it must seem very silly, but it's just what I like to do in the races I run in. Thank you!! :-) :-)

Kathi --

can not get a applcation off of the internet

Please Help Me I Need 2 Race Application's Paper. Not Get me regsistered type application Plase Send me a PDF File And I Should be Able to Print it UP.
Thank You Very Much
Robert W. Leman

under the heading Galesburg Road Runners Railroad Days 5 and 10
try this one which on the front page under the heading Galesburg Road Runners Railroad Days 5 and 10K Run