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Galesburg Road Runners Railroad Days 5 and 10K Run

Results are attached below as PDF
2015 Blick Art Materials
Railroad Days Run/Walk

10K Run 5K Run/Walk ΒΌ Mile Kids Fun Run

rr-days-results-2014.pdf49.99 KB
overall results2015.pdf30.94 KB

Galesburg Turkey Trot 2013

When is the Galesburg Turkey Trot 2013?
Is it 11/17 or 11/24, I think it is usually right before the holiday.

To my understanding, it is

To my understanding, it is going to be held Sunday the 24th. I have been watching for an entry form, but, to my knowledge, one hasn't been posted yet.

2013 Turkey Trot

Thanks Much Hensley

Can you run the 5k with a

Can you run the 5k with a stroller?

RRCA Guidelines On Baby Jogging Strollers in Races

The Road Runners Club of America strongly recommends against the participation of baby strollers/joggers in road races and against race organizers creating baby stroller divisions. The reason for this recommendation is that the inclusion of strollers in races increases the potential for injury to race participants and children.

Railroad Days 5K & 10K course

Does anybody know what the 5K and 10K courses are?

entry form...

I can't seem to get the entry form to print, when I try it prints a whole page of dark grey with no lines of print what so ever. If anyone else is having problems or knows a solution please email me. Thank you....

entry form

Hi Chris I just printed one just fine, from what you say it sounds like a local printer problem.