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Race Results

RACE RESULTS 9:44 AM 11/26/2014

Railroad Days 5k Galesburg 6/28
Lori Mason 28:58 1st

Galva 4th July 7/4
Patty Gustafson 22:42 1st
Sandy Theobald 32:59 2nd

Jed Johnson 5K Fairview 7/12
Sandy Theobald 34:10 2nd
Dorothy Venturi 34:09

Moonlight Chase 4M Eldridge, IA 7/12
Patty Gustafson 31:42 2nd

Woodhull Family Fun Fest 5K 7/19
Teresa Thompson 24:32 1st

Bix 7 Davenport, IA 7/26
Patty Gustafson 58:21
Teresa Thompson 1:01
Sandy Theobald 1:24:14

Bark in the Park 5K Geneseo
Mary Bergren 26:54 2nd

Indian Creek 5K Toulon 8/2
Patty Gustafson 23:53 2nd overall
Glen Gustafson 22:42 3rd

Oneida Homecomming 5K 8/2
Julie Shaver 35:35
Teresa Thompson 1st
David Shaver 34:33

Run for Your Life 5K Peoria 8/2
Sandy Theobald 37:58 1st

? 5K Wenona 8/8
Sandy Theobald 35:01 1st

Old Settler's Day 5K Brimfield 8/9
Patty Gustafson 23:27 1st
Sandy Theobald 33:31 2nd
Dorothy Venturi 37:32 3rd
Glen Gustafson 22:05 1st
Christian Hensley 21:38

Gazebo Run 5K Yates City 8/16
Sandy Theobald 34:53 3rd

Old Settlers Days 5K Lacon 8/23
Sandy Theobald 37:27 2nd

Hog Days 4M Kewanee 8/30
Mary Bergren 36:27 1stJ
Julie Shavrer 49:07
Sandy Theobald 45:17 1st
David Shaver 45:07

Italian Fest 5K Farmington 8/30
Dorothy Venturi 35:42 2nd

New Windsor Rodeo Run 2M
Teresa Thompson 15:25 1st

Havana Polka Pace 5K 9/6
Sandy Theobald 34:04 1st
Dorothy Venturi 35:54 2nd

Underground Railroad 5K Princeton 9/14
Julie Shaver 35:30
David Shaver 34:07 2nd

Race for Your Heart 4M Eureka 9/20
Sandy Theobald 45:58 1st

Shoreline Classic 5K Decator 9/21
Sandy Theobald 34:04 2nd

Get in the Gear 5K Washington 9/28
Sandy Theobald 34:24 1st

SXU 5K Homecoming Race
Teresan Thompson 24:40 1st

MO Cowbell 5K
Teresa Thompson 25:01 3rd

St. Judes Run

3 Fellow Galesburg Road Runners participated in the St. Judes Run on August 3. Road Runners Club Board Member Teresa Thompson, President Patty Gustafson along with her husband and Carl Sandburg 2 and 4 mile Race Director, Glen Gustafson ran over 28 miles for those children who are served by St. Judes. I was an excellent day for a run. We had great support and made so many new friends. We thank both the Galesburg Railroad Days Race and the Galesburg Turkey Trot in supporting our fundraising efforts and appreciate the $1000.00 donation from GRRC. We would love more members who are interested in participating in the St. Judes Run for 2014 to let us know. We would love to have another great showing from our local group.

Galva 5K run 4Th of July, 2013

Hey Good News!! If you haven't signed up for the Galva Freedom Fest 5K by the deadline of June 21st, I will be at the Galesburg run to sign people up after the race for $15.00. You will not be charged a late fee of $20.00 and I will still guarentee a shirt for you. See you there!!

Bobby, Race Director 309-932-2731

Galesburg Turkey Trot

I love running your Turkey Trot!!! I have come down from Chicago to run it every year since I graduated from Monmouth College. I like to compare my times and places but never remember my times. I was thinking that it would be a nice feature to have an archive of past race results on your website. Thanks again and see you next year!!!!