Gran Prix Races for 2017

Each member of Galesburg Road Runners Club who would like to participate in Gran Prix should plan on running gran prix races below . If you place overall 1-3, or 1-3 in your age group you will receive extra points. Complete a gran prix race 10points. If you get 2nd or 3rd , 11 points. Age group or overall winner is 12 points. Each marathon, or half marathon is 15 points and does not have to be listed, as all marathon, or half marathons qualify for Gran Prix. Submit all your race results to for confirmation. Those races that are not listed will not be given gran prix credit. You must also volunteer at one of the three Galesburg Roadrunners Races (or can have a person volunteer on your behalf) to qualify . Those races are: Carl Sandburg Challenger 2 or 4 mile Race in April, Galesburg Railroad Days 5k in June, and Galesburg Turkey Trot in November. There is no additional fee but race results must be submitted on time. End of yr challenge is met when participants achieve 100 points or more. Special recognition gifts will be presented at the annual banquet .2017 Membership Kick off banquet is Friday January 6, 2017 at 6pm at Sidetrax side room. All potential members can pay membership fee of $10.00 at door for online access.

Brry Scurry- Clinton, IA
Chili Chase 4m- Davenport, IA

Interplanetary Run 5k- Peoria, IL
Equinox Run 5k- Rock Island, IL
St. Patrick Day 5k- Davenport, IA

Carl Sandburg Challenger 2/4 mile Race April 15 Galesburg, IL
Bandits Race to Home 5k- Davenport, IA
Gilda's Run 5k- Rock Island, IL
Spring Chaser- Moline, IL
Swedish Stomp 5k- Bishop Hill, IL

QC Distance Classic-Rock Island, IL
CASA Run - Galesburg, IL

Galesburg Railroad Days 5k- Galesburg, IL
Galesburg Run Galesburg- 5k, or half marathon- Galesburg, IL
Steamboat Days 4mi or 15k- Peoria, IL
Father's Day 5k - Galesburg, IL
Microbrew 1 mi or 6k - Moline, IL

Fourth of July Run - Galva, IL
Fourth of July Run- Quad Cities, IL
Bix 7- Davenport, IA
Moonlight Chase 4mi- Eldridge, IA
Woodhull Family Fest 5k- Woodhull, Il
Friends of Greig Memorial Library- Oneida, IL

New Windsor Rodeo Run -New Windsor, IL
Brimfield Old Settlers 5k - Brimfield, IL
Indian Creek 5k- Toulon, IL
Silvis Home Run 5k- Silvis, IL

Big Steps 5k/10k- Galesburg, IL
QC Marathon, 1/2, 5k- Moline, IL
Bridge to Bridge- Peoria, IL
Kewanee Hog Days 4mi- Kewanee, IL
Run with Carl
Peoria Zoo Run -Peoria, IL
Underground Railroad Run
Stearman FlyIN 5k- Galesburg, IL

Pumpkin Dash
Scenic Drive- Knoxville, IL
Farmdale Trail Run

Galesburg Turkey Trot- Galesburg, IL
Canton Turkey Trot - Canton,IL
Davenport Turkey Trot- Davenport, IA
Folepi East Peoria Run - East Peoria, IL

Hard CoreNew Years Eve Run - Kewanee, IL
Reindeer Ramble- Moline, IL